The Light Wraps You: New Music for Oboe

Hear samples by clicking on links below:

RODNEY ROGERS (b. 1953)                                               Lessons of the Sky for oboe and piano                                   

Donald Speer, piano

BILL DOUGLAS (b. 1942)                                                     Sonata for oboe and piano (2004)                   

Bill Douglas, piano

JAMES MACMILLAN (b. 1959)                                            Intercession for three oboes(1991)                                                           

Joseph Salvalaggio and Martin Schuring, oboes

BILL DOUGLAS (b. 1942)                                                    Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano (2006)                             

Frank Morelli, bassoon; Bill Douglas, piano

ANDREA CLEARFIELD (b. 1960)         Three Songs for Oboe and Double Bass after Poems by Pablo Neruda 

Karl Olsen, double bass

FULVIO CALDINI (b. 1959)                                                   Étude du réveil, op. 7/B for oboe and clarinet (1982-1991)             

John Cipolla, clarinet

PHILLIP BIMSTEIN (b. 1947)                       Cats in the Kitchen for flute and oboe plus the kitchen “sync"            

Heidi Pintner, flute

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